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Loophole In The Female Mind

If you’ve been wondering about the loophole in the female mind, then this is the place that you’re going to get all the answers that you’ve been seeking. There has been some attempts to cover up the existence of these female loopholes, but as long as this website exists, this knowledge will be accessible to the general public.

Picture of the loophole inside a female's mind

With this knowledge of the loophole in women psychology, you'll be armed to the teeth with the most powerful seduction method out there in the world today... bar none.

If you’re still learning about pickup lines and “seduction techniques” then you’re at the risk of learning some really outdated stuff. Worse, your competition will be well equipped with this knowledge which will then be used


you. This knowledge about loopholes in female psychology is easily the most powerful weapon that any seducer can have in his dating arsenal.

But fear not – here you will learn about probably the most explosive seduction techniques from the underground ever to be exposed. Use these tactics and you will never be short of success with women.

Loophole In The Female Mind – What You Need To Know

  • Fractionation – the grand-daddy of covert seduction techniques. Little-known until about a year ago, this technique is the foundation of many techniques such as the October Man Sequence (Google it) and the Dark Rake Method. There are many variations of the technique, but the most complete is the Fractionation Formula (link here).
  • Emotional Roller Coasters – most men make the mistake of only trying to please a woman in order to make her like him. That sadly won’t work. Women yearn for drama – that’s why many of them are addicted to soap operas (and Oprah). Make a woman feel SAD sometimes and you’ll be able to make her feel emotionally hooked on you.
  • Use covert techniques. If you have no moral objections against using covert psychology in seducing women, then click on this link:-

There, you’ll find a resource on how to use covert techniques to make a girl like you quickly. WARNING: only see it if you’re not against using covert psychology in dating.