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Gay dating sites for women in 2021 you should know about

There are many dating sites in the USA that are geared towards gay women. The trouble with entering what can be a crowded marketplace is appreciating which particular website would be most suitable for your aspirations. We have made it so much easier for you to come to this decision by reviewing five of the top gay dating sites for big women, assessing what they provide in terms of functionality and trustworthiness. Read our reviews, and then decide which of these outlets to sign up to. One thing we can guarantee is that you won’t be disappointed.

We’ll help you choose the best gay women dating site

Which particular best lesbian dating sites for older women to sign up to can be a bit of a quandary. There are so many excellent resources out there, often with little to differentiate which particular one would be most preferable. The good news is that we have reviewed a cross-section of the best dating sites for lesbians. We have assessed these in terms of their features, and how user-friendly a particular site happens to be. Armed with this information, you’ll be in a better position to decide which gay website would suit you the most.
LesbieDates logo

  • LesbieDates is a fairly new dating site for lesbians, but it is already developing a strong reputation. It offers excellent flexible search options, and the registration process can be accomplished in minutes.
  • The homepage is very straightforward, with a lot of intriguing details presented with minimal fuss.
  • Particularly worth mentioning are the safe dating tips you’ll find halfway down the homepage, giving newcomers some valuable advice about the best ways to pursue lesbian dating.
  • There are also links to the lesbian chat room and bisexual opportunities.
LesbieMates logo

  • Only one letter away from the related LesbieDates, LesbieMates is an equally inviting haven where same-sex orientated females will instantly feel at home.
  • It also contains safe dating tips, ranging from turning your profile into a magnet for other cool females, to advice about presenting an eyecatching main profile picture.
  • There are also opportunities to share your experience, and introduce some dating tips of your own. Commendably, there’s also guidance about how to deal with suspicious behavior, a subject that newbies can often be apprehensive about before signing up. You are advised to take advantage of the ‘ask for a photo’ option.
Bumble logo

  • This is a new(ish) dating platform compared to some of the more long-standing examples, but it has already made a strong reputation, and over 20 million members.
  • Suitable for older singles or Millennials, what makes this site different is the way it allows women to make the first move. Special features include a 24-hour timeframe for interaction, which encourages people to engage.
  • Available from £7.99 per week, or £11.99 per month for the six-monthly subscription, the interface is eye-catching, with lots of links to all sorts of sub-topics, from star signs to specific locations.
Tinder logo


  • Boasting 50 million members and counting, Tinder entered the dating site’s hall of fame for introducing the shortcut of swiping.
  • Based on a simple but highly effective concept, users check out other singles, and if they’re interested, they swipe right; if not, left. When you match with another member’s ‘right swipe,’ you’re good to go.
  • If you’re looking for casual flings, this would be ideal, less so for longer-term romance.
  • Mostly male-dominated, and with younger adults making up its largest percentage, a 12-month membership can work out at £1.92 per month, meaning it’s also cheaper than many outlets.
OKCupid logo


  • With an eye-catching interface, and upwards of 30 million members, OKCupid provides what has been described as ‘roulette-style’ matchmaking.
  • The homepage can take some getting used to, as the background color alters from shocking pink to electric blue to bright green, but it certainly arrests attention!
  • The ethos is that daters are so much more than a photo – the focus is on backstories and interests you have in common. The basic design works well at providing an intriguing entrance, and it’s economical too, with basic subscriptions starting at $3.95 per month for six months.

Are paid gay dating sites for women better than free ones?

There is certainly one argument that says you don’t necessarily have to become a subscription-paying member of a gay dating site to enjoy all the features on offer. In most instances, you will be able to take out a membership and create your dating profile for free. This will allow you to get a feel of a particular site or app, checking out how easy it is to navigate, or open lines of communication with other members. But there will always be useful features that you won’t be able to access until you take that extra step of considering one of the payment plans.

What gay dating site for women is best for serious relationships?

Gay dating has taken off in recent years, and any of the sites we have reviewed here would be worthy of consideration. Each one will offer you the chance to reach out to prospective partners, and establish a bond by sending each other flirty emails, texts, WhatsApp messages, or phone calls. In some instances, there might also be a facility to video chat with other gay singles. But how this flirting pans out is really up to you and the other members. You can take things slowly and casually, or opt for a more direct approach.


Do gay women dating sites work?

Dating sites aimed at gay singles are terrific for introducing like-minded individuals.

Are gay women dating sites better than dating apps?

Everyone will have a preference, but both platforms will help you to connect.

Are gay women dating sites legit?

Not only are they legit, but they’re also vibrant social communities. And free to try!