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Dating sites with a high female to male ratio in 2021 you should know about

If you’re a single male and looking for perfect female dating sites, there will be many attributes likely to draw you towards signing up. One of the most obvious of all going to be coming across a dating service where there are far more females than males. This would be the equivalent of walking into a busy singles bar and finding yourself surrounded by charming girls! Once you have checked out our reviews of five of the best dating sites with a high female to male ratio, you will be in a much better position to make this fantasy become a reality.

Do paid dating sites with a high female to male ratio offer more than free options?

There’s an adage in life about getting what you pay for. Another cautions about the dangers of ‘false economy.’ In truth, you can get a lot out of these dating sites without having to subscribe to their membership plans. But you’ll get so much more out of the experience if you check out what would be available if you were to make more of a commitment to female dating apps. After checking out our recommendations, you’ll undoubtedly form your own list of preferences. So sign up to one of these dating outlets where girls outnumber guys today.
EbonyFlirt logo

  • EbonyFlirt is a dating site catering for the black female community, although its flexible functionality and well-designed interface mean that singles from a variety of ethnic backgrounds gravitate to this popular resource.
  • If you’re keen to connect with black lesbians or gay female singles, you’ll find a lot of people on your wavelength.
  • Accounts can be created in a short space of time, and free of charge, allowing you to take advantage of features like five daily chats, as well as sending photos. You can also search for free, and find matches based on location.
Bumble logo

  • This is a new(ish) dating platform compared to some of the more long-standing examples, but it has already earned a strong reputation, and over 20 million members.
  • Suitable for older singles or Millennials, what makes this dating site different is the way it allows women to make the first move. Special features include a 24-hour timeframe for interaction, which encourages people to engage.
  • Available from £7.99 per week, or £11.99 per month for the six-monthly subscription, the interface is eye-catching, with lots of links to all sorts of sub-topics, from star signs to specific locations.
Tinder logo

  • Boasting 50 million members and counting, Tinder entered the dating site’s hall of fame for introducing the shortcut of swiping.
  • Based on a simple but highly effective concept, users check out other singles, and if they’re interested, they swipe right; if not, left. When you match with another member’s ‘right swipe,’ you’re good to go.
  • If you’re looking for casual flings, this would be ideal, less so for longer-term romance.
  • Mostly male-dominated, and with younger adults making up its largest percentage, a 12-month membership can work out at £1.92 per month, meaning it’s also cheaper than many outlets.
OKCupid logo

  • With an eye-catching interface, and upwards of 30 million members, OKCupid provides what has been described as ‘roulette-style’ matchmaking.
  • The introductory page can take some getting used to, as the background color alters from shocking pink to electric blue to bright green, but it certainly arrests attention!
  • The ethos is that daters are so much more than a photo – the focus is on backstories and shared passions. The basic design works well at providing an intriguing entrance, and it’s economical too, with basic subscriptions starting at $3.95 per month for six months.
Hinge logo


  • Although its interface makes it look like one of the many instant dating outlets, there’s a lot more to Hinge, and its main focus is encouraging long-term connections.
  • The app is free to download on Apple and Android devices, and the subscription drops to £10.00 per month over six months.
  • For free, you can send as many likes as you wish, and set advanced preferences for your profile. Messaging is also free – as long as the match is mutual.
  • You can visit the profiles of people who have shown an interest in you.

Are paid dating resources with a high female to male ratio more recommended than free sites?

Free sites are worthwhile for anyone seeking a gentle introduction to the world of female digital dating. They’ll allow you to sign up and spend some time getting used to the site navigation, or the various features or blogs that are available to members. But you will only be granted access to a modicum of the range of functions. To make the most of dating outlets with a predominantly female membership, you would be best advised to consider taking out a subscription. These will generally be graded in some way – the more time you spend interacting, the less you’ll pay.

What dating site with a high female to male ratio is ideal for committed relationships?

After reading our reviews, you might well form your own opinion of which would provide you with the type of service you’ve long been dreaming about. All the sites we have highlighted will put you in touch with a variety of potential candidates for romance. How your courtship proceeds is up to you. That’s the beauty of the female dating resources we’ve highlighted, they put you in charge of your destiny! If you want to connect with other single females who are seeking something long-term, you can easily seek someone compatible as you browse through the profiles.


Do dating sites with a high female to male ratio work?

It’s practically a no-brainer. The more choice at your disposal, the better your chances.

Are dating sites with a high female to male ratio better than dating apps?

These sites will offer so much more scope for connecting with eligible partners.

Are dating sites with a high female to male ratio legit?

The five sites we’ve reviewed are legit – so test femaleloophole for free today!