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Our independent 321Chat dating reviews analyze value for money, security, and how to get the best from your steamy online room experiences.
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Pros and Cons

Multiple flirting room options to choose from.
Private and safe to use.
Webcam features for direct video conversations.
Multiple functions for sending gifts and meeting people.
Fraudulent profiles to watch out for - you can log in as a guest and talk anonymously.
High usage site, so it can be hard to find a specific thread.

About 321Chat

321Chat launched back in 2002, with limited flirt rooms related to gay singles, seniors, teenagers, and adults. Since then, it has expanded rapidly with hundreds of dating conversation forums and private messaging options.
Opened by Google Lively, 321Chat is now owned privately by Greg Barrow.

Membership Base

It's very hard to nail down the user base since there are so many discussion rooms, each specific to different members on 321Chat!
There are hundreds of thousands of users from the US and across the world, with 321Chat members as far away as India.
Online rooms such as Latino chat are designed for particular demographics, so if you're looking to meet folks of a certain age, it's best to join a discussion site that caters to what you're looking for.

321Chat App

Currently, 321Chat is an online service without an app - but it works perfectly through any Internet browser on any mobile or tablet.
The site has announced that it expects to launch a dedicated app soon, so watch this space!

Costs and Prices

321Chat is free to use, so you don't need to upgrade or subscribe to use the site. You can join as a guest user, which requires only a user name of your choosing, a gender, and age - without any personal details.
Premium services are available through 'donations' in the website's VIP section, with one membership option of $15.

321Chat Special Features

Some of the most popular 321Chat features include:
  • Creating a friends wall and sharing statuses.
  • Newsfeed with the latest updates.
  • Playing quizzes and comparing your scores.


321Chat has very few safety protocols, so it's wise to keep your personal details private! Sign up doesn't include any information about you that can be verified aside from your email address, so it's best to be cautious.
There are few reports of safety issues, but it's wise not to share any financial details with anybody you don't know.

Tips for New Members on 321Chat

321Chat is a vast flirt dating site, and it's easy to become a little overwhelmed with the volume and frequency of messages!
Our advice would be to select the flirt dating rooms most aligned with your dating goals and to search for friends to add rather than trying to scroll through the thousands of posts.

Sign up Process

Sign up Process
Signing up to 321Chat dating couldn't be easier; although you have to provide so few details, there is a higher risk of spammers.
You can choose to register for access to more features or log in as a guest without providing any details at all.
If you choose to register, you can see the dating features on the left-hand toolbar and need to verify your email address by submitting a four-digit code that is sent to you a couple of minutes after registration.

Profile Creation

A lot of dating profiles on 321Chat contain little information, so it's up to you whether you want to add more details - some profiles don't even have photos, so it's quite hard to work out someone's personality, or whether they're someone you'd like to flirt with!
Profile options include:
  • Adding a photo.
  • Setting a theme.
  • Entering About Me information.

Searching and Matchmaking

Search functions are limited, and unless you know a person's user name, it's pretty much random!
The dating searches allow you to choose a type - male or female, and to order the search results by new members, in order of user names, or who was active most recently.

Contacting Other Members

Most 321Chat app users simply join the dating conversation room they wish to, opt for a random thread, and start flirting with strangers immediately.
Text dating messages include all the functionality you'd expect on a mobile, so you can share Emojis and gifts and set themes and colors to make your messages more engaging.
Experts Conclusion
321Chat is an enormous site and one of the best online dating rooms if you're looking to meet a broad number of people.
Unfortunately, the app search terms are very limited, so it's a question of spending time on the forums and getting to know members to find people you'd like to get to know better for dating purposes.


Let's work through the most frequently asked questions about being a member on 321Chat!

How Many Messages Can I Send on 321Chat?

As many as you like! There are no limits on how many direct messages or group discussion posts you make through the app or how many pages you choose to visit.

How Long Does it Take to Register on 321Chat?

Literally just a minute. All you need to do is provide a user name, age, and gender, and you can start flirting and dating instantly.

Is 321Chat a Safe Dating Website?

Reasonably safe, and it's highly rated on Google. However, the profiles' anonymity means it pays to be cautious about what information you are sharing online.