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Pros and Cons

Exclusively made for lesbians desiring same-sex relationships
Skews younger and mature alike
Dedicated space to speak for your community
Colorful and Quirky UI
Profiles include a dedicated space to include pronouns
Matches not based on values and interest
Not great for a long-term relationship
No dedicated Android or iOS app
Not for people from local or small areas
Many features are locked only for the paid users

About Lesbiedates

Since launched in 2017, Lesbiedates has grown into one of the largest gay dating sites for women. Hosting over 3.6 million users, it gives you the best chance of finding the perfect match regardless of whether you are looking for serious, long-term relationships, short-time casual sex, or even one-time flings.
Through its dating site, Lesbiedates aims to bring you a new world that is safe, just, and exclusive only for gay women and bisexuals. Initially created as a dating platform, today has evolved into a social app for gay women to efficiently put their voices forward and speak for the community, besides finding the perfect match.

Membership Base

Lesbiedates.com, though exclusive only to gay women and bisexuals, is not particular about age, marital status, or the type of relationship you seek. And that is why it has one of the largest user bases of LGBTQ+ women on any lesbian-only dating site. One of the best things about Lesbiedates is that it is skewed towards both young and mature women alike — so you will find both in almost equal proportions.
Moreover, scrolling through the site, you will find women looking for deeper connections, one-night-stands, and anything between. Additionally, you will find women geared towards rights, social issues relating to community, which you are "welcome to join,"

Lesbiedates App

Four years in, and Lesbiedates still does not have a dedicated application for smartphone users. Yes, it did promise to release the apps back in 2020, but even in 2021 — the app is yet to release (as mentioned on the website).
For now, you will have to access the website through a mobile browser, as you do on a desktop browser. However, the compatibility of the mobile site is excellent, and everything fits well onto your mobile screen — be it viewing the profile, photos, message box, or more.

Costs and Prices

As stated, most of the features of Lesbiedates.com are locked only for full-membership users. So, it is better to purchase either of these membership plans:
Plans Cost
1-Day Trial Membership Plan US$ 0.99
1-Week Membership Plan US$ 0.86
1-Month Membership Plan US$ 0.83
3-Month Membership Plan US$ 0.46

Lesbiedates Special Features

LesbieDates greatness is not only limited to its members or sleek and minimalist design of the website; it also has one of the best feature sets compared to other leading dating sites. Still, much of the peculiarities are limited to paid users. Here's a summary of its free and paid features:

As a free user, you can:

  • Register and create a basic profile
  • View other profiles
  • Use the basic search function
  • Send up to five messages daily

As a paid user, you can:

  • Exchange unlimited messages and view user profiles in full
  • Use advanced search filters and narrow your search based on gender, location, personality, hair color, and whatnot.
  • Go incognito


Based in the British Virgin Island, Lesbiedates does not fall into either of 5/9/14 eye members. So you do not have to worry about "logging data" or anything else. But even before that Lesbiedates.com, is not popular simply — it does its best to provide you the best-in-class security.
The site also has an SSL encryption certificate and secure payment gateway protection — so be it chatting or subscribing to the platform, you need not worry about anything and utilize the site without any fear. Moreover, LesbieDates.com utilizes AI Bots and manually excludes the fake users thoroughly, leaving no place of doubt whom you are interacting with other users.

Our Experience On Lesbiedates

One word: enthralling.Being dedicated to only one specific category, we did not assume Lesbiedates.com to host a larger user base nor care for features. But it excelled on both fronts. You will find the site like no other; especially, if you review based on its exclusiveness to lesbians and bisexuals only.
Moreover, the search filters, chatbots, and dedication to wade out the fake users (none found, nor heard) is another thing that you can appreciate about LesbieDates. In all, LesbieDates had a special aura, a different feel than any other dating site, which is best if you review it personally because mere words cannot describe it.

Sign-up Process

The registration process on LesbieDates is straightforward. Regardless of the user's knowledge about the internet and websites, they can conveniently register themselves on the site. Follow these simple steps to register yourself on Lesbiedates.com via a mobile or web browser:
  • Choose the gender you are interested in by visiting the registration pane
  • Select Your Age
  • Enter a valid email address
  • Create the desired password
  • Choose the city you live in
Agree to the User's Terms and Conditions, and hit the Join Now toggle. That is it; there's nothing more to it.

Profile Creation

Profile Creating
Although well-known for finding serious, long-term relationships — Lesbiedates.com does not believe in in-depth profiles; rather lured more towards photos and videos. Nonetheless, you will have to enter a few details that are enough to give other members a fair idea about yourself. As soon as you complete the registration part, you will be asked to confirm the email ID. After that, you can choose to utilize the site with — no information whatsoever about you.
Still, to increase your chances of finding the perfect match. It is better to create a full-fledged profile. You can start by uploading a photo or click on the camera option to click one. And add an introductory video to your profile. Moreover, you will have a dedicated space to enter the pronoun and other information like ethnicity, address, income, religion, and more.

Searching and Matchmaking

While LesbieDates is a girl-only deal for all single, married, young, old lesbians — it offers many search filters to narrow your search and find that "perfect match" you are always looking for. As a free user, you do not get much and can search based on Gender, Age, Photo, and Online Now. But once you are a VIP member, the site allows you to search based on Education, Tattoos, Marital Status, Income, Drink and Smoke Habits, and much more.
These filters indicate the site's commitment towards Lesbian is genuine, and they understand that even the members of the LGBTQ+ community can be choosy when it comes to finding a partner. You can also not choose to utilize the filters and find some random partner from your local area. Nevertheless, it is a handy option for anyone looking for a long-time partner.

Contacting Other Members

Unlike most sites like Tinder, Hinge, and OkCupid, LesbieDates.com does not ask you to play card games and photo-rate the users. Instead, it empowers to send the messages to other users directly. You can review through other user profiles — either by search or in your feed, and choose to send a message directly or first view their photos and other information on the profiles and initiate the message from there. Instead of sending a direct message, you can also send a wink as a conversation breaker.
You can also join global-level chat boxes and communicate with users from other ends of the world or interact with a local one and meet with them in real life. Since there is room for every type of Lesbians on the site, some mature, younger, and some even married. And depending on the type of relationship they seek, the less they want to chat.

Experts Conclusion

Lesbiedates is aptly named, given that it is a lesbian-only dating site. Having a relatively larger base to other gay datings sites for women, you will most likely find perfect women for yourself sharing the same mindset. And on the surface, the site may look like it wants to sexualize lesbians; it includes critical functions and dedicated space to speak your mind and share your thoughts on the LGBTQ+ community.
Overall, you will not go wrong choosing LesbieDates, especially if you want to avoid the so-called female apps filled with tons of creeps pretending to be women and wasting both of your time.


Is Lesbiedates Legit?

Absolutely! You do not have to worry about anything. That is why it offers a 1-day trial to try things out.

How to Start Chatting on Lesbiedates?

You can click on the "Chat" icon to initiate the chat from your end, either from the main interface or by visiting the individual profile.

Is LesbieDates Safe?

This service has one of the safest networks of all dating sites.