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Pros and Cons

Has an attractive and chic layout and design, which is a breath of fresh air.
A large user base makes it an excellent choice for users looking for options.
Users can connect with other social platforms to provide a more authentic feel to their profiles.
The atmosphere might seem too formal and overbearing for a dating platform.
Not many options for people of LGBTQ+ background.

About The League

This service stepped into the online dating realm back in 2015 by CEO Amanda Bradford; this makes The League over 6 years old. Although it is younger than most popular dating sites, it is the first of its kind to provide such an authentic way of meeting new people. The idea for the bespoke dating site came from CEO Amanda Bradford’s own frustrating online dating experience. This is why she wishes to market The League as one of the best female dating apps.

Membership Base

The League is considered an elite dating platform; you only get access to it once you clear the selection criteria. However, while navigating any the League dating review left by users, we can tell there isn’t any shortage of men and women to date. 52% of the users on this platform are women, and the remaining are men.
The small margin between male and female members makes it an ideal dating platform for every gender on the site.Most members here are in their 20s or 30s. But you’ll still find accounts owned by users in their 40s as well as 50s.

The League App

The League dating site isn’t the functional kind. To access the features and begin finding a date here, you’ll need to sign yourself up by entering your number on, where you’ll get an SMS link to the app. The app is available for Android and iOS users and can be downloaded easily from the Google Play Store and App Store.
The app has over a whopping 1 million downloads, which shows how popular the app is and the novel idea behind it. The design and layout are pristine and offer a VIP feel which speaks of the app’s background story.

Costs and Prices

A premium experience comes with a premium cost. Here are some of the subscription packages provided by The League to step up your dating game.
Package Price
Membership Flexible (1 month) 199.99 USD
Membership Convenient (3 months) 299.99 USD
Membership Popular (6 months) 399.99 USD
VIP (1 Week and 1 month) 399.99 USD and 999.99 USD
Premium (1 month and 3 months) 399.99 USD and 899.99 USD

The League Special Features is truly one of a kind, and it can be proven by the unique features that the online dating platform provides. Firstly we’ll talk about The League Tickets; these tickets can be used to maximize your chances of getting noticed in a large pool of members. After all, when there are several competitors, it is easy to remain unnoticed.
Secondly, there is a feature called League Owner. This feature essentially lets you upgrade the elite-ness of the app by providing you all the features that any premium subscription holder has access to and much more!


Thanks to the strict verification and selection criteria of The League, one can truly experience what it is like to indulge in online dating without any worries. All users admitted to the platform are accepted manually. Moreover, no user gets past the strict multi-step verification or skips any stages of account creation.

Our Experience on The League

Sign Up Process

Sign Up
Safe to say, it is a premium dating platform for users looking to experience a different kind of dating atmosphere without any fear of fake profiles. Hence, the signup process is a tad ‘annoying,’ but not if you’re also picky about your choices. To sign up, you’d need access to their app, for which you’ll have to go to and fill in the tab asking for your mobile number. You’ll then be sent a text to your number where you can download the app.
The acceptance rate is low, but that shows how strictly each profile is reviewed before it gets accepted. Roughly 20-30% of users that apply to the dating site get accepted, which means that more than 60% get rejected.

Profile Creation

Once you’ve received the link to the app and successfully downloaded it, you’ll need to add the following details to create your profile:
  • Your Education
  • Your Occupation
  • Profile Picture
  • Age
  • Height
  • Hobbies
OYou’ll also be asked to link your social media accounts, such as your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. The chances of getting accepted will vary greatly depending on how many connections you have on LinkedIn and the number of friends on Facebook. Do keep in mind several factors contribute to account verification.

Searching and Matchmaking

Matchmaking on The League is like getting a 3-course meal at a gourmet restaurant. You simply enter the dating platform, pick your preference and wait for the meal (matches) to be served. All the matches you receive are specially curated for you. The number of matches you get in each batch will vary depending on your membership ‘level’ on the site.
If you pay for a premium subscription, you’ll get more matches than someone with no subscriptions. Additionally, if you want to increase the number of matches (considering you’re getting fewer for your membership level), you’ll need to loosen up your criteria.

Contacting Other Members

The contacting method is also unique. Once you’ve been matched to someone, you have 21 days to get in contact with them. You can either use the messenger or the video chat feature and if neither party makes a move, the match disappears after 21 days.
Alternatively, you can also chat with other members that aren’t in your matches by utilizing the “League Groups” unique feature. Here you can join clubs where like-minded people come together and chat around. It’s also an excellent alternative for shy people.

Experts Conclusion

If you’re looking for an elite online dating experience, it is one of the best dating apps in the industry. However, we would say it’s too much of a hassle to get verified on the platform if your goal isn’t to find a long-term partner. Considering everything, and whether you’ve got the money to spend, The League is a great dating app, that’s if you get verified.


Is the League Trustworthy?

The strict selection criteria and verification methods make The League one of the few trustworthy apps.

How to Begin Messaging Users on the League?

You can either text using the messenger or call using the video chatting feature. However, both parties would need to have “matched” before doing so.

Is the League Safe to Use?

You won’t have to worry about safety here. Each account is verified by a team of moderators and undergoes strict evaluation.