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Best Trans women Dating Sites In 2021

In every quest for things in life, the best should always be the set goals of everyone, and this should not also be overlooked when searching for love. However, there are times that most people get into confusion in making the right choice.
It is in the understanding of this that this review is brought up to ease the tension and confusion associated with finding the right partner. Trans women dating sites help to find the right partner from a close and far place. These sites have the best services in terms of security, matchmaking, and other features.

What Are The Best Trans women Dating Sites?

The best Trans women dating sites are the ones that users can count on for getting the best in all aspects. These dating sites are the ones that can afford free signing up, reduction of cost, great dating experience, free features that can afford some dating opportunities, fast matchmaking process, guaranteed security, and many other positive impacts on their members.
The best Trans women dating sites are also the best based on the review of their users and observations; hence, they help direct prospective users in their guide to choosing the best one.
Gaystryst logo


  • Gaystryst dating site is a Trans women dating site that caters to both casual and serious hookups. At the moment, the dating site has 580 monthly logins and 350,000 users from the US. Besides that, the members' activities pull the fan weight of 115,000 weekly active users with 100% men users. Women are not allowed to sign up on the site. Most of its users are between 25-34 years from the US, Australia, UK, and many places.
  • Free features on the Trans women dating site offer signing up as well as profile creation for free. Also, members on the Trans women dating site can do the basic search and view users' complete page. Members can also send winks, add other members to their favorite list, and browse members through the like Gallery features.
  • The cost for a daily subscription is 0.99 USD, while a weekly subscription costs 7.00 USD. For a month, the price is 28.80 USD, and three months cost 48.60 USD at 16.20 USD per month.
TSDates logo

  • is one of the Trans women dating sites that offer one of the most reliable services. In terms of its membership strength, it has almost 88 million users, with 24,000,000 from the USA alone. Based on the weekly usage of the Trans women dating site, the site has 10,000,000 active members.
  • The gender estimate of the users is 15% TV,75% TS, and 10% TG. The majority of its users are above 30 years who are either straight men or transmen. The ratings of the Trans women dating site are 4.8.
  • The Trans women dating site offer many mouthwatering benefits on its free features; they are as follows; users have access to other members activity feed, they can watch live member cams, chat with real girls in the live model chatrooms, and free features help to have access to filling hotlist with interesting members up to 200. In addition to that, users can comment, like, or vote during sexy contests.
  • Users can also turn on their webcam and go live, as well as post pictures and videos. Moreover, users can read and write blogs and group threads, stay on instant messenger, use the bling, and have access to the magazine page.
  • Points offer on the Trans women dating site include 200 Credits at 0.02 USD / Credit 3.00 USD,500 Credits at 0.01 USD / Credit 6.00 USD,1,000 Credits at 0.01 USD / Credit 10.00 USD. Search Highlights; 1 month costs 9.95 USD, 3 months go for 26.85 USD at 8.95 USD. Adult Movies; 3 Days go for 2.00 USD at 0.67 USD per month 1 month go for 18.95 USD,3 months cost 38 USD at 38.85 USD at the rate of 12.95 USD per month.
  • Private Chatroom; 1 month costs 9.95 USD 3 months for 20.85 USD at 6.95 USD per month six months at 35.70 USD at 5.95 USD per month,12 months go for 59.40 USD at 4.95 USD per month. Gold & Standard Contact?; 1 month costs 39.95 USD 3 months is priced at 30.85 USD 26.95 USD per month,12 months cost 239.40 USD at the rate of 19.95 USD
TSTV Personals logo

TSTV Personals

  • It is a dating site that helps to connect with trans sexual and transvestites for relationships. The dating site is the world's largest trans sex that fosters sex, hookups, and other forms of relationships. The Trans women dating site has more than 90 million users globally. The percentage of its male users is greater than that of the females, and the majority of the members reside in the US. The observation of its service quality earns it 4.8
  • Users create profiles for free and view the profiles of other members. Members can add other members to their favorite list and send messages. Also, members can add videos or photos to their profiles.
  • Premium Subscription is offered at $44.95 for one month. After trial, membership for 1 Month is priced at $51.02. Premium Subscription for three months costs $69.23, and Premium Subscriptions for 12 months costs $145.67.
Butterfly logo


  • Butterfly Trans women dating site has 42,000 members from countries like UK, US, Germany, and other places. The users' distribution is based on 23% cisgender females, 43% males, and 34% transgender singles. The site helps to find many transgender who is into serious or casual friendship. The rating of the Trans women dating site is 3.0
  • Signing up is free, and users can browse through the transsexual account. There are no pricing plans on the dating sites; users can have access to it when they sign up.
AdultFriendFinder logo


  • Adultfriendfinder is a Trans women dating site that has more than 80 million users who have an interest in couple sharing, polygamy, fuck buddies, and other Trans women dating experiences.
  • The US members are over 5 million, which include gays, bisexuals, and lots more. The active users in a week are over 64,000, and overall active weekly users are more than 200,000. It has 77% men and 23% women. The age range of users starts from 25. Based on ratings, the Trans women dating site has 4.5.
  • Users can sign up for free to create a hotlist, join blogs, comment on blogs and pictures. Users can also watch videos on the homepage and use filters in searching for members. Gold Membership Best Value offers a 1monthly subscription plan at the rate of 39.95 USD. Gold Membership Most Popular offers three monthly subscriptions at 80 USD at 26.95 USD per month. While for 12 months, it is 239.40 USD at 19.95 USD in a month.

Are Paid Trans women Dating Sites Better Than Free Ones?

The paid Trans women dating sites are better in the sense that users sign up for free at first instance with their bio information and setting their profile picture. Upon the completion of that, users can enjoy free features. However, the free features have a few opportunities to offer, and this is because it is free. For users to make friends, chat, and have an in-depth level of intimacy with other members, using the paid features is the best.

What Trans women Dating Sites Are The Best for Serious relationships?

The best Trans women dating sites that are the best are the ones that offer the most suitable prices, make sure the signing up process is fast, have a reliable app, make matchmaking quick, safeguard the users, as well as have prompt customer support services. These qualities have been probed in the ones reviewed here, and it is clear that they merit the ratings.

Is It Okay To Use My Real Name On Trans Women Dating Sites?

It is not compulsory based on some reason, among which is the freedom to choose the name to be addressed. Also, some Trans women dating sites might not allow it based on securing the users from public monitoring. It can also help people who are shy to be in public.

What Are Some Online Dating Tips For Trans Women Dating Sites?

Users must be courteous on the Trans women dating sites, pleasant, and not too open until trust has been established with whosoever they are interested in for security reasons.


Do Trans Dating Sites Work?

It does for all interested members.

Are Trans Women Dating Sites Better That dating Apps?

Yes, they are better because users get connected to other Trans women singles without stress.

Are Trans Women Dating Sites Legit?

Yes, they are.