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Spending time in prison can leave you feeling devoid of social interaction, but dating sites can help one find compensation for lack of communication. You’ll have the potential to form connections with real people both in prison and in the real world. Using these services that we’re reviewing, you’ll love searching for like-minded people and sharing your passion through chat. As a prisoner, it’s about ensuring you can find that glimmer of happiness, and dating online can provide you with something to hold onto. So, give these sites a try, and you’ll be surprised at how simple it can be to find someone to share your time with, even in the online space!

How Are Prison Dating Sites Designed?

As a prisoner, you’re going to be craving intimacy and conversations with people from around the world. Fortunately, being an inmate doesn’t mean completely isolating yourself because sites provide you with access to singles seeking love online. In fact, there are special sites available that bring singles in prison together with people who have a passion for dating inmates online. These sites all promise to provide something different, but they’ll all ensure that you can explore dating and everything that they offer. They’ll show an array of features, active members, and a simple-to-use interface, making the dating experience intriguing and rewarding.
Prisoninmates logo

Prisoninmates is a dating service that might be considered one of the most intriguing sites of this niche out there. It’s a service that’s a pen pal offering for people looking to connect with those in prison. It’s an open-minded service that’s used by people of all ages in prisons. So, users can expect this matchmaking site to bring people together based on their instant connection through profiles and chatting. It’s frequented by male and female prisoners, making it a dating service that appeals to all.
Free features available include searching death row prisoners, out soon prisoners and artwork. The price plans are:
  • 1 Month - $21.94
  • 1 Year - $131.65
Womenbehindbars logo

The majority of sites that are designed to connect people in prison with others are based around sending letters and becoming pen pals, and Womenbehindbars is no different. This dating platform invites people to write to singles in prison. Users can browse female prison inmates and then find a suitable match. There are prison females of all ages, but users can purchase their addresses in order to send them a letter.
The main feature of this website is that it’s free to sign up and browse the members.
This dating site doesn’t offer price plans but does offer users the option to purchase the address of their chosen inmate.
Match logo

We think it’s fair to say that everyone has heard of Match as it’s one of the oldest dating sites out there. Looking for love in prison might prove challenging, but Match does provide more than 20 million users. Expect to find members aged between 25 and 54, keeping things broad and available for all.
Some sites lack in features, but Match ensures the dating experience is enhanced with free features, including the matchmaking game, browsing profiles of prison inmates, fine-tuning your dating profile, registration, and a basic search.
  • 6 Months - $9.99 per month
  • 3 Months - $19.99 per month
  • 1 Month - $29.99 per month
Loveaprisoner logo


Comparing to lots of dating sites reviewed, Loveaprisoner takes one of the simplest approaches we have seen. The design is basic, and there is a massive menu of options for users to browse when dating online. They’ll find a huge array of prison inmates to search through while they do cover a wide range of ages. Making contact here is simple enough as users are not required to pay a subscription. Just browse users and send a letter to their chosen address. Despite this, there are some basic features such as searching by location, prison, and ethnicity.
Meet-an-inmate logo

Prison pen pal sites take a range of designs and forms, and this is a really basic site. You’re met with plenty of text to explore, although the main search functions are visible at the top of the page. It’s not strictly a dating site, but you can connect with prison inmates. Search for male or female inmates and then browse by age which goes above the age of 50. Users have the freedom to search, but that’s about as far as this site goes when it comes to features.

Everything You Need to Know About

Understanding women when using matchmaking sites to meet prison inmates can seem challenging. After all, their lack of freedom requires you to explore their personality through the medium of old-fashioned letters. Getting to know them requires you to ask the right questions, and that’s where Femaleloophole stands out. While many female psychology sites promise a lot, this one provides an instant insight into how to understand women and what to ask them. This instant ability to form a link by using the available guidance increases your chances of forming long-lasting connections built on real relationships. As life shows, this kind of connection between people creates the most successful and pleasant outcome.

Can Prison Dating Sites Really Work?

All dating sites promise to deliver success without the hassle, but prison sites are different. There are barriers and challenges between prison inmates and people in the outside world, but this form of connection makes these dating sites extremely useful. They provide an equal platform that allows prison inmates to advertise themselves through basic profiles. Interested singles looking for prison dating can then choose to search and find users that they can contact. These sites are different from traditional dating sites, but it’s an exciting way to make contact, and they do work.

Are These Prison Dating Sites Free?

All sites seem as though they have a catch. They promise free features or special extras while enticing users into signing up and parting with their cash. Fortunately, the sites we have reviewed have been proving to make meeting partners simple for prison inmates and other people. Dating someone in prison is different from traditional online dating because of the lack of freedom, but that shouldn’t stop you. These sites have been created to allow people to connect, and that’s achieved by ensuring they’re free to join.
As to a member’s point of view, some sites are basic and others more detailed, but you’ll have the scope to try them out. Matchmaking platforms that offer everything you’re seeking will be worth paying for, but the majority of prison services are different. As it’s important for prisoners to keep in contact, many are totally free, enabling users to connect without spending any money.

Selecting the Best Prison Dating Sites - How to do it?

Prison dating sites are completely different from your traditional dating options. They’re not as well designed or eye-catching as dating sites usually are. That’s no issue thought because the main aim of these dating platforms is to bring prison inmates closer to people in the outside world. Therefore, understanding which sites are right for you might be based on the prison inmates they offer. Profiles are limited, so don’t expect to learn all about prisoners. You’ll be able to make contact by accessing their prison address.
Some services are average in design, while others have a huge number of members, giving you the freedom to determine which is right for you. So, contacting prisoners using these sites is possible, and the only thing left is a case of finding which one feels like a good fit for you.

Online Dating Advice for Inmates

Spending time in prison can leave you feeling desperate to connect with people using dating sites. Therefore, begin by keeping the conversation simple and straightforward. Don’t rush into things, and you’ll find that making friends and relationships comes easily. Always keep information open and honest and never hide anything that might prove to be meaningful to singles. However, ensure your feelings are known, and you’ll find true success without leaving important things unveiled. Just give it a try, and eventually, the loneliness will stop being a problem.