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Best Dating Sites for Asexuals

Being asexual shouldn’t mean that singles miss out on dating or meeting friends online. A lack of sexual attraction doesn’t mean that you avoid dating sites altogether. They’re a great place to discover friends and explore your feelings. Whether you love to chat throughout the day, explore your character and sexuality or just enjoy spending time online with others, there’s an abundance of websites waiting to be explored. Let us show you the dating sites that are available, ready, and waiting for you to learn all about.

How Are Dating Sites for Asexual Singles Made?

We’re impressed at the array of dating sites that are currently available for singles of all sexual desires. While asexual people might feel as though they’re out of the loop, we’ve got good news because there are dating services that are perfectly designed for asexual people. Fortunately, there is a space online for everyone, giving people hope that they can discover new friends. Asexual sites are built around a community theme, bringing people together to communicate, share experiences and meet like-minded matches. It’s an exciting time to be alive because whatever your sexual orientation might be, the online dating world has its arms open and waiting.
Benaughty logo

Sign up for Benaughty, and you’ll be impressed with its Android-oriented site. It’s a popular choice with members who are generally younger and aged between 18 and 35. However, it doesn’t close its doors to older members either. It’s got more female members than men, which isn’t a negative aspect, while it boasts an impressive number of 90,000 weekly users coming.
This app provides free features, which include messaging for females, winking, a favorites list, and Flirtcast.
The price plans are:
  • 1 Day - $0.99
  • 1 Week - $10.43
  • 1 Month - $32.10 per month
  • 3 Months - $23.40
Okcupid logo

While asexual singles are not sexually attracted, Cupid is still an option, thanks to its friendly community. As a well-known and widely recognized site, it has 50 million members worldwide. The average age of users is 25-34, and you can expect to find more male users than female, although we don’t consider this an issue for asexual dating.
This dating service offers some useful free features, including registration, free messaging, basic search, follow people you’re interested in, browse profiles, and the Double Take game. The price plans are:
A-List Basic Subscription
  • 1 Month - $5.81
  • 3 Months - $4.61 per month
  • 6 Months - $2.89 per month
A-List Premium Subscription
  • 1 Month - $18.20
  • 3 Months - $16.73 per month
  • 6 Months - $14.54 per month
Match logo

One of the most established dating sites, Match is a good fit for asexual singles. It’s got a global reach with over 20 million members and half a million daily logins. Users are split almost evenly between male and female members, while the average age is 25 to 54.
As far as sites go, this offers some well-placed free features, including registration, profile creation, likes, search, matchmaking game, and view profiles, proving how useful this service could be for asexual people. The price plans are:
  • 6 Months - $9.99 per month
  • 3 Months - $19.99 per month
  • 1 Month - $29.99 per month
Asexualitic logo


As the name suggests, asexual singles can expect this to be a dating service tailored to their specific desires, potentially making it one of the best dating sites out there for people who share the same lack of sexual desires. It’s a dating service that has a relatively small member base of just under 60,000 users while members are generally of a younger age.
The free account provides basic access for users, allowing them to explore free dating, and those features include user groups, search, and creation of a profile. The price plan is:
  • 12 Months - $13.92
Asexualcupid logo

Considered one of the top dating sites for asexual people, it’s got a reputation to live up to. The service is made to help younger members find friends and relationships that fit their specific needs. It’s a site that’s open to all races, and you can expect the majority of members to be of an average age of 25-34. It’s a relatively subdued site in comparison to other asexual dating services out there.
Furthermore, users can expect some decent features that enhance the experience, such as search, profile creation, and registration. The price plans are:
  • 1 month - $7.32
  • 3 month - $19.77
  • 6 month - $35.16

What You Need to Know About

Understanding how to find success when using sites for dating requires you to understand how to connect with other singles. Asexual singles might not be seeking love, but discovering the thoughts and decisions of women can prove useful. Femaleloophole has been created to help people enhance their knowledge of the psychological aspect of dating females. With plenty of sites to choose from, you’ll meet a huge range of asexual women, which means you’ll want to connect with them. Fortunately, Femaleloophole is one of those sites that lets you into the secrets of dating.

Dating Sites for Asexual Singles - Do They Work?

The great thing about the dating world and the sites we’ve reviewed is that they’re open to all users, regardless of sexual desires or their absence. Dating has shifted in recent years, and it’s now an all-encompassing experience that welcomes everyone, regardless of their personality or sexual orientation. These sites understand that to be recognized, they need to encourage everyone to sign up and enjoy the features and experience that are available to them. So, dating sites are likely to work for asexual singles, which means it’s a case of finding the right site and signing up!

Which of These Dating Sites Are Free for Asexual People?

All of the sites available for dating online offer something to entice users to join, and that can come in many different forms. Asexual people seeking a new opportunity to find people online shouldn’t be penalized for having a unique sexual orientation, and so, they can put their trust in the range of sites available. Of course, all sites are unique, and while one site will offer one thing, other sites will offer something different. This means that users are not going to want to pay simply to try out the services on offer. Fortunately, giving asexual singles the opportunity to discover a new and exciting world out there without needing to spend any month is not a problem.
The asexual services available promise to give users the chance to sign up for free and test out the sites first. This allows them to make informed decisions while saving money at the same time. So, you won’t have to part with any cash should you feel the urge to explore these sites. Sign up, try them out for free and choose the right one for you.

Choosing the Right Dating Sites for Asexual Singles

Asexual people have every right to discover a connection when dating online. With an array of asexual sites to pick from, it’s important to understand what they’re offering. Plenty of asexual services promise to tick every box and help them find someone special but can singles rely on that alone?
Therefore, our reviews are made to provide complete insight into services that could prove a good fit for asexual people. Services can range from simple to complex, and traversing the boundaries between the two can seem challenging sometimes. Despite this, asexual singles will need to learn about the features available as that provides a clearer view of how the service works and how it considers its members. Furthermore, a larger number of members ensures that asexual people can find like-minded members with ease.

Advice for Asexual Singles Making a Connection Online

Asexual singles should take an open approach to make a connection online. Staying calm and collected will enable you to search profiles while ensuring you converse with people losing no confidence. Always check out profiles first, as they’ll provide insight into individuals and what they’re looking for. It’s important to chat because singles are eager to learn about you and what you’re all about. Online matchmaking doesn’t have to be serious, so embrace the experience and the community, and you’ll soon find that discovering friendship and happiness is easier than ever before!