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Dating Someone You're Not Physically Attracted To

“I’d never date somebody I don’t like physically”. Everybody said that at least once. But still, many couples are dating each other even though they aren’t physically attracted to each other. There are different reasons to start a relationship like that. Not all of them are morally correct, but sometimes you have to do the right thing for yourself. Check out or 6 reasons to date somebody you don’t find attractive.
Personality Is So Good

When Their Personality Is So Good You Can’t Resist Them

Some people have a special energy that attracts other people even though they don’t look good. Just remember that one boy or girl from high school was popular among the opposite sex regardless of his/her looks. There are a lot of things that make somebody’s personality stronger than their looks. Here are some of them:
  • being funny - funny people are often dating a lot even if they don’t look good because everybody likes to laugh
  • being a good soul - when you meet somebody who’s simply a good person, they grow to you fast because you know their heart is pure
  • some people have that X factor - it’s not something we or anybody can explain, but some people have an X factor that makes them attractive even if they look bad.
  • you share a lot of similar interests
A lot of marriages between people who aren’t attracted physically to each other happen because of personality. That’s beautiful because dating is about more than looks.

When You Know They’ll Worship You

While a personality is a good thing to date someone unattractive, this reason isn’t that pure, but sometimes you gotta do it. Everybody likes to be respected, some people more than others. Many attractive people are dating unattractive people because they like the fact their partner is worshiping them. We don’t encourage starting a relationship because of that, but as long as everybody is happy there is nothing wrong with that kind of relationship.

If They’re Rich

Another “not so moral” reason to start dating somebody you aren’t attracted to is their big, account (you devil, we know what you were thinking, we get to that later). There is a word for people like that, usually women, it’s a gold digger. It may look like a stupid thing to start a relationship, but if somebody can use their skills to get somebody rich, why wouldn’t they do it. Especially if that rich person is aware of their motives, but they don’t care because they enjoy the company of attractive people. Money is a tool; after all, why wouldn’t they use it.

To Defeat Loneliness

Nobody wants to be lonely. Loneliness hurts, so many singles lower their standards and start dating people they don’t find attractive. Relationships like that usually don’t last long, but they can be good for raising self-esteem. The best possible scenario for such a relationship is when both sides are lonely to cure one another. If you’re lonely for a long time, we suggest you join some of the best dating sites and meet singles looking for dates. Just don’t keep your standards too high and keep your mind open.

If They’re an Animal Under The Sheets

A relationship can’t work if sex isn’t at least good. That’s why so many couples break up even if they’re in love. Sex is important, every dating expert will tell you that. Also, sex is the reason why many unattractive people are dating all the time. Some men who don’t look good are blessed with other things or have crazy bedroom skills. The same works for ladies too, so don’t judge the book by its cover.

If That Relationship Can Make Your Life Easier

Dating somebody you aren’t attracted to can sometimes make your life much easier. They may help you progress in the business. That can also be a relief from an emotional point of view if you’re a jealous person. You can forget about jealousy because it’s not likely that somebody will try to seduce them.
Physical attraction is important, but it isn’t the most important thing when dating. We showed 6 reasons to start a relationship with somebody you don’t find attractive. You’ll probably think twice before ditching somebody attractive who wants to date you.
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