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Online dating is growing rapidly. That’s one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. There are millions of registered users just in the USA. If you look globally, more than a billion people use some of the best online dating sites. Does that mean online dating provides wanted results? Not necessarily, but these statistics will reveal the truth about it, so keep reading.
Is Online Dating Popular Only Among Young People?

Is Online Dating Popular Only Among Young People?

You may think that only online dating is reserved only for younger generations, but that’s not completely true. At least not anymore. A lot of dating sites for mature and middle-aged people exist, and they’re very popular. Still, the majority of users in the USA are younger than 30.
  • 48% of people between 18 and 29 in the USA are using (or they used) online dating
  • 39% of Americans between 30 and 49 are online dating users
  • 17% of mature (older than 50) Americans are members
The research that gave these results was done in 2019. If 2020 weren’t as crazy as it was, things wouldn’t change a lot. But since the world collapsed, more people of all ages started using the internet to meet other people looking for love or company. Most users are still younger than 30, but the number of older users is growing rapidly.

Can You Start A Serious Relationship With Somebody You Meet Online?

There are sites for serious dating, sites for finding friends, and sites for hookups. Statistics show that it’s possible to start a serious relationship and even marry somebody you meet online, but you have to be on the right site. If you want a serious thing - joining a site for hookups will make you frustrated.
13% of online dating users claim they’ve been (or still are) in a serious relationship with somebody they’ve met online. That number would be much higher if only members of the best dating sites for long-term relationships were included.
Positive Opinion About Online Dating

Do Users Have a Positive Opinion About Online Dating?

Since there are different types of dating sites, everybody can join a site that suits their needs. That’s why the majority of users have a positive opinion about meeting people online. 58% of Americans who used the internet to get dates or relationships claim they’re satisfied with the results.
Those who say they had a bad experience are mentioning similar negative sides:
  • registering to the site where nobody wanted the same thing as they did (that’s their fault because they’d chosen the wrong kind of sites)
  • joining sites with a lot of fake profiles (that’s the fault of those bad sites, they could have a better experience on legit sites)
According to statistics, you’ll most likely have a good experience if you chose a legit site that matches your needs.

Is it Easy to Find Partners on Online Dating Sites?

It’s easy to find partners on online dating sites if you know what you’re looking for and where to find it. But let’s see what statistics say about that.
  • 29% of users claim it’s very easy to find somebody they’re physically attracted to online while 4% says it’s very hard to do it
  • 15% of members claim it’s very easy to find somebody with similar interests while 6% says it’s very hard
  • finding somebody willing to meet in person is very easy to 19% while 5% find it very hard
  • 22% said it’s very easy to find somebody who’s looking for a relationship. 7% claim that’s very hard to do online
How to Marry a Millionaire?

How to Marry a Millionaire?

Marrying a millionaire is a dream come true for many singles. Men are dreaming about finding a rich girl too, don’t think that’s something reserved only for women. But most people who have that dream never make it happen. That’s because they don’t know where to look. Online dating sites for rich people are a good place to start, but you’ll have better chances if you start hanging out with rich people. You can do that by getting a job where millionaires come or attend events full of wealthy people. You don’t have to jump on the first guy or lady you see. It’s enough to get a spot among them and work slowly on fulfilling your dream.
Statistics clearly showed that joining the best dating sites is the right move for everybody who wants to start a relationship or hookup as long as they know where to look and what to expect. You can even snatch some awfully rich people there if you’re lucky.
Grab your millionaire here and now!