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What His Text Message Mean

When it matters to do with communication, how men and women communicate is exclusively different. Women are known to be straight to the point, though somehow wordy in their communication through long streams of messages.
Understanding men's bizarre language will shield you from being used, keep you away from arguments, prevent you from worrying every time, and shed light you require when dating.
I'm Not Angry

I'm Not Angry

What we think: He wants to continue talking about this. I thought he was angry, but I think he’s not.
What men mean: I'm somehow upset and maybe angry inside. However, please give me a little space and don't mention this. Let's take some space from our dating life, and I’ll deal with it my way. And it will be best if you stopped asking whether I’m angry. Please, can we forget this altogether?

I Still Want You in My Life

What we think: He’s not yet done with me.
What men mean: “I only see you as a normal friend, not a love partner.” If you happen to be dating a guy and you break up, but he tells you, "I still want you in my life," then most probably he is using you for his self-esteem. He expects you to still provide for his needs but will not return the same favor to you in return. Accepting to be his friend will only bring you pain eventually, more so if you view him as a romantic partner.

You’re Beautiful

What we think: They are positively complimenting us.
What men mean: "I love everything about you." How a man compliments you, especially when dating, says a lot. As per some of the best dating sites, a man who is continuously complementing your appearance and nothing regarding other qualities is probably interested in one thing. There are significant differences in what a guy will tell you.
There's a big difference between a man who refers to you as "hot" vs. "beautiful." How is a woman he goes to bed with. Beautiful is the woman he gets married to. When a person refers to you as beautiful, they admire everything about you. From the dimples in your cheek to the birthmark on your back. A man who admires every inch of your body. They may even be in love with you! And it is not only when you are spiced up only. A guy who calls you beautiful when you're just waking up without makeup is undoubtedly crazy about you.

Can We Talk About This Later?

What we think: This is not the best time for him to talk, but maybe he’ll be ready to talk about it later.
What men mean: If you’re dating a guy and he tells you this, he’s trying to tell you he's not ready to have a conversation or willing to discuss it by any chance." His wish is that you finally forget about it and let go. As a woman who respects herself, you won't be willing to let it go since you will want a conversation about it if it's crucial. This may undoubtedly add more strain to the discussion. However, it is essential to implement some calmness, be concise, and use constructive language to pass your message over as you continue dating.
Dating Dos and Don’ts

Dating Dos and Don’ts

During your dating journey, there are certain things you should or should not do. Here are some do's and don'ts:
Don’t have extreme emotions! Check out for any connections that may be dimmed as needy, miserable, wobbling, or unpleasant.
Do regard the natural process of dating. Telling a prospective partner how you adore them causes superfluous pressure! Instead, slowly disclose your inner thoughts, emotions, and intimate story beginning from the light and random, then continue to informal, more private self-confession.
Don’t forget the conventional regulation of dating; this from some of the best dating sites.
Do be a decent lady when dating. Some directives of dating have stood up to time. We live in a contemporary world where women can afford everything for themselves and create their opportunities. Still, it’s good for a man to pay the bills during a date. Moreover, women shouldn’t attempt to take the place of a man.
Don’t ask tricky questions like “on a ratio of 1 to 10, how would you evaluate me as a partner?”
Do let lose any insecurity and attempt not to inconvenience anyone.
Don’t change who we are to conform to what you perceive as what our love requires. When we modify your personality and showcase values that are not ours when dating, we attract the wrong people, so the relationship gets ill-fated before it even starts.